English Lectures, Zikr Majlis, and  Du’a by Moulana Dawood Seedat Saheb, from Musjid-ut-Taqwa, Pietermaritzburg. KZN. South Africa.

2011 Musjid-ut-Taqwa, Pietermaritzburg, KZN, South Africa .  

Hazrat Moulana Dawood Seedat Saheb (DB) 

The sweetness of Imaan is a condition of the heart

Nabi (Salallahu alaihi wasalam) mentioned in a hadith that the person who guards against the temptation of casting lustful glances, Allah Taala will grant that person the sweetness of Imaan. (Not the actual wording of the hadith)


In our current era, it has become extremely easy to become involved in the sin of casting lustful glances. All one has to do is to simply page through a newspaper or what used to be regarded as family magazines and one will become overawed by the amount of near pornographic material that is available. The reality is that we no longer see this as a problem due to the frequency and availability of such material.


The question that can and should be asked is that there are so many other types of sins, some much more obvious to the eye, that a person may be avoiding but why is it that the sweetness of Imaan is so closely related to guarding against lustful glances?


Other sins are quite transparent in nature. Often one may be seen to be avoiding a sin, but it is not because he wants to avoid it but rather the circumstances don’t allow it. In the instance of a person who wants to commit the act of zina, a willing partner is required and perhaps even some logistical arrangements need to be made. If some arrangements could not be made, and the zina could not be made, then it could be explained that the circumstances did not allow for it.


In the act of casting lustful glances, no willing partner is required. The secrecy of this sin is such that there is no physical evidence to support it, but our Allah Taala knows. We can deduce from this that the abstention from this sin could only be attributed to the person’s love and fear of Allah Taala and nothing else.                                   


There is another dimension. For every other ibaadat, Allah Taala has stipulated a reward. However for fasting Allah Taala has mentioned Himself as the reward. All other ibaadat has a form and the one performing the ibaadat can be seen in the ibaadat. It stands to reason that the roza is kept only for the pleasure of Allah Taala. Similarly making hifaazat of the eyes is only for Allah Taala, hence the tremendous virtue in it.

Above transcript extracted from Haz. Mol. Dawood Seedat Saheb's  Majaalis dated 17 Nov 2014. Should you wish to listen to the full programme, download the  MP3 audio file from HERE

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